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Our Menu

We offer to our clients an array of artesanal productos all made by local entrepreneurs, in order to support our local economy, which is one of the pillars of our business plan. This along with a cozy and welcoming environment and space that promotes different types of cultural, musical and artistic expression.

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Artesanal Cakes and Pastries
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Ice cream
menu cafeteria waddington
menu cafeteria waddington
Specialty Coffee and Tea
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Our History

Cafeteria Waddington was born as a complementary project of Loft Waddington, since we wanted to provide guests with a complete service. We also realized that the sector where the loft is located did not have a nearby coffee shop.

Since our plan was to have the coffee shop as an adjoined building, its architectural design respects the lines and materiales of the historic loft, creating a harmonic and coherent set of buildings.

And that is the story of Cafeteria Waddington, born during the pandemic and now a meeting point in the heart of Playa Ancha, for the neighbors and people who work here, and for those who visit us from different places.  

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