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A meeting point

Cafetería and Loft Waddington is in a historic sector of Valparaiso that conserves neighbor life, something which is hard to find in a present-day city. The people who live on this hill call it the Independent Republic of Playa Ancha. Here you can find some of the most traditional beaches of Valparaiso such as Las Torpederas and San Mateo, as well as beautiful lookout points like the Promenade 21 de Mayo and fishing coves such as Caleta El Membrillo.

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Our neighborhood

We are located in the heart of Playa Ancha, a neighborhood full of history that has many cultural, architectural and patrimonial attractions

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A route that invites you to enjoy the some of the most emblematic constructions in Playa Ancha, particularly those that stand out due to their unique aesthetic and historical value

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and Cultural Heritage

A path perfect for those who want to learn more about the diverse history of this neighborhood, from its origins to present-day Playa Ancha, taking into account the political, cultural and social aspects

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A route that recognizes the value of public and private spaces where important historical events have occurred, and that are part of our living heritage

How do I arrive to Cafeteria and Loft Waddington?

From the airport in Santiago:

Take the bus to Pajaritos Station (which departs every 15 minutes) and from there the bus to Valparaiso (about an 1 hour and a half bus ride)

From the bus terminal in Valparaiso, using public transport:

Take a bus to Playa Ancha, and get off right before Plaza Waddington

– In Chacabuco, 510, 506 y 215
– In Errázuriz: 601, 602 y 216

Alternatively, you can always contact us to arrange your transport from the airport. You can also take a taxi or Uber from the terminal, if you prefer.


Leave us your information and we will contact you to make the reservation.